Ivar Hoel's work  

My father, Ivar Hoel, started to compile family and farm history from Oppdal in 1943 "since the church records offered the only reliable information at that time". Most of his work was done after he retired in 1977. In 1997 he started having problems handling all the information and turned off his PC and gave a copy of the material to the Historical Society of Oppdal so that it could be available for others. See a newspaper article (in Norwegian) about this in Opdalingen from February 26, 1999.

In addition I took care of his work and have now published it on the web in the form my father left it. I see the value of having access to the  material for those who are interested in using it for their own research. It is better that it is available for anybody who is  interested, than storing it away in an archive few people have access to. Please quote your source if you find you can use it.

The material comprises 84 files and 8,2 mb. Some corrections have been made and they are written in blue italics
and the name of the person who has contributed to the corrections is mentioned at the foot of the document or in connection with the corrections. There are a few double entries. They are marked with a red commentary.

A searchable index is also available. I would like to be notified about obvious mistakes so that they can be corrected.

Here is the introduction my father wrote in the summer of 1996:


I have studied the farms in the old Lønset parish from farm number 126 Svartøyen to farm number 177, subnumber 2 Skindset. In addition I have for my own interest, included the farms at Vekve and Skarsem.

I have  based my work on facts found in "The tax list from 1645", "The farm records of 1647",  The church  and tax census from 1664-1665, "The handwritten  farm lists from 1664" ("The Oppdal land register of 1721" is found here and "The record of land property of 1661" is found here), "The first printed farm lists of 1838", "The censuses of 1801, 1815 and 1875". Besides I have checked all the pages in the Oppdal church records and taken down names in connection with the farms in Lønset parish. Further I have also checked the pages of "The register of mortgages" (Register of Deeds) from the first entries. I have copied all the partitions of inheritances that have been held at these farms; only the names of the inheritors, not the entire documents.

I cannot guarantee that there are  no mistakes in these notes, but I have not taken anything out of thin air. The records of Mull/Engelsjord have been very helpful.

Index  of  the different farms:
(See Norwegian page)

This is how the records are organized:

Name:                                    Born:   Died:   Married to:                                Born:   Died:

People of the same generation have been recorded  single spaced. A new generation or new owners of the farms are recorded double spaced.

Edited by  ©: Ola Ø. Hoel and translated by my sister Helga Hoel